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Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Death By Science Fair

If you've been in touch with me since I've been back at school since July 15, you've most likely heard some of the source of my griping and a large source of my stress:
The First Annual feria científica (science fair)
On Monday, all of my students presented their science projects they had been working on since March of this year.  They presented for me and the rest of the class. I then had the difficult task of selecting only 3 projects from 5th grade and 3 projects from 6th grade to present/ compete on Tuesday's school-wide science fair.  Check out my students' projects below:

Fifth Grade Projects:




Sixth Grade Projects:

As of Tuesday, July 30 at 3 pm, it's all over. Thank goodness.  As a science teacher, I was part of the science fair committee.  Since our school is so small, that committee consisted of the 2 other elementary grade science teachers, the one high school science teacher, myself and the director.  In other terms, a small committee meant a LARGE amount of work.

Instead of writing about all the work we had to do (because I don't want to think about that again), here's some pictures of the things we had to make... 

Designing and stuffing judges folders

Judges' name tags
Just a few of the many certificates we had to stamp and sign

another late night of science planning
After making all of that, as if we didn't have other things to do, we primary teachers decided it would be fun to make a video demonstrating a cool experiment and further reinforcing the scientific method.  We made a big mess, got bit by ants, but had fun.  And the students really enjoyed the video.  So that's what teachers do on a Sunday afternoon.

Watch our video below (click).  Turn up the volume, as our voices are kind of low.


Remaking the "elephant's toothpaste" at school
Here are a few pictures of the actual "fair"

Primary level fair

high school level

The 5th grade projects I selected...
the 6th grade projects I selected...

My students doing their demonstrations for judges...



After it was all said and done, the committee got certificates, and I went home and took a 3 hour siesta.

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