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Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, December 2, 2012

día del maestro costarricense

I have no motivation to do anything.  Nothing at all productive.  So I thought I'd write a blog post.

Last Thursday was día del maestro costarricense (Teacher's Day in Costa Rica).  We still had classes on Thursday but Friday was feriado to allow the teachers the chance to spend the day celebrating together.  We had gone back in forth in the previous weeks' staff meetings about what we would do with this day off.  The original idea was to go to Arenal, but that turned out to be a tad bit too expensive.  It was finally decided that we would spend the day at Isla de Tortuga!

The American girls, waiting.

I went to Tortuga last year while on our weekend trip to Montezuma, and I was very happy to return.  Not only is the island BEAUTIFUL, but the boat you take to get there also takes you out to go snorkeling.  Last year I saw the most exotic, colorful fish I have ever seen.

It really surprised me to learn how many of the Costa Rican women that I work with don't know how to swim!  I thought, oh it's just because I'm from Florida, but they live closer to the ocean than I did while in Florida.  One of the Tica teachers held on to me so tight while we were wading into the water to get on the boat.  Every time a little wave came, everyone screamed!

Safe and secured in their life vests!

It takes about 45 minutes to get to Isla Tortuga from Montezuma and it is so beautiful along the way.  (Although the water was too choppy for my liking)  From the water I saw the waterfall that Isabelle and I had gone horseback riding to.

I promise the waterfall is bigger when you are at it!
The water was soooo clear that it was just gorgeous.

Unfortunately, I did not see all of the beautiful fish while snorkeling this year.  The guide said there had been red tide.  I'm glad I have the memory of seeing them from last year.

Back on the island we had a feast.  I had chicken, others had fish, and no one went vegetarian.  You see, there was one vegetarian, but she had recently "changed her classification." ;)

We went exploring and found all these beautiful rescued birds.  There was also a rumor of a pig that lives on the island.  Oh and there was this big gift shop.  Not a huge deal, but it was large and I have no recollection of it being there last year.  I asked the lady how long they had been there and she told me 12 years.  I felt dumb.  Or blind.  Because I definitely don't remember seeing that last year.

we bought hats

and shared them with our coworkers, of course!
Here are the birds.  The green birds were easy access.  I did in fact venture past the sign that said nobody beyond this point because I wanted to take a better picture.  My excuse was going to be that I did not read Spanish, but then I realized the sign was in English too.


I no read Spanish, but I see you back there birdy...
so I came a little closer.

After lunch and before making my American skin not so stark white, I made it my mission to find the pig.  She has a name, a really weird one; so weird that I cannot remember it.  Jiminella maybe?  I think her snout is really cute, and if you look close enough, she has eyelashes.
I found her!  She kind of looks mean in one picture, but she's not.

I think she's smiling in this picture to the right, don't you?!

I petted her too. I didn't even bribe her with food.  I just oinked until she came my way.   She was very wiry:  like a porcupine.  Although, I've never petted a porcupine, but I guess she was how I think a porcupine would be.

Mission accomplished.  We spent the rest of the day basking in the sun.  We also had the option of taking another shot at the snorkeling at a different location,  but many of us stayed back in fears of getting sea sick before the 45 minute boat ride back home.
So we just enjoyed looking at this:

What a beautiful way/day to spend getting to know my coworkers outside of the school setting.

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